Comprehensive Dentistry & Dental Care

At our Albuquerque family dentistry practice, we care about the confidence you have in your smile and want you to feel comfortable sharing it with the world! Appearances are just one piece of the puzzle, however, and we are always sure to pay attention to your entire mouth to ensure the maximum level of care. We believe that providing your family with comprehensive dental care is the best way to promote positive oral health for the rest of your life.

Comprehensive Services We Offer



When you visit us at our Albuquerque office, we will do a full visual and x-ray examination of your mouth to evaluate your oral health and identify problem areas and your smile priorities. After we complete our exam, we’ll present you with your options and ensure you understand exactly what’s going on with your oral health and how we plan to fix any issues. You’ll be on your way to a healthier smile in no time!

Comprehensive Care for Your Whole Family

We are able to work with all members of your family, ages three and up. Our friendly office staff is happy to handle any insurance claims directly with your benefits provider so you don’t have to worry about completing paperwork. For a healthier smile for your entire family, contact our Albuquerque family dentists today!