Frequently Asked Dental & Dentistry Questions

As friendly general dentists in Albuquerque, we get a lot of questions from patients who are curious about some of the dental procedures we perform. We are always happy to answer these questions because we know the answers can mitigate some of the anxiety our patients feel before they stop in to see us. Some of the most common questions we get are:

Q: Do you offer dental implants? If so, how long does it take to get one?

A: Yes! We offer dental implants for patients who have teeth missing. Depending on the scale of the services we need to provide, having dental implants placed can take anywhere from three to six months. The time needed to fit and place the implant is lessened because of our in-house lab. Please schedule a consultation with our Albuquerque dentists if you are interested in dental implants.

Q: Why should I be seen in the office for the bleaching process?

A: When you come in to see us for teeth whitening, the process takes about two hours. We use Zoom! Whitening Kits for maximum brightness. Zoom! can get your teeth up to eight shades whiter compared to over-the-counter whitening products, which can only whiten your teeth one to two shades. When you whiten in our office, we can also monitor your tooth sensitivity to give you the most comfort and can protect your enamel.

Q: Why do I need a root canal?

We perform root canal therapy on a tooth that has cracked or decayed, causing infection or irreparable inflammation to the root of the tooth. Root canal therapy allows you to keep your natural tooth. Generally, this type of problem causes our patients a great deal of pain. We offer emergency services and same-day appointments to get you out of pain as soon as possible.

Q: Is a dental crown the same as a cap?

Yes, the two are the same. A dental crown or cap is placed over a tooth that has been weakened for any reason, including having a root canal procedure performed or having some of the tooth removed to get rid of decay.

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