Made with acrylic, the cosmetic dentures at Davis Gribble Hollowwa Dental are custom-created to look like real teeth.

Why Choose Cosmetic Dentures?

Cosmetic dentures are more than functional – they are designed with neuromuscular structures in mind. Our dentists assess the shape of your jaw, your bite, bone structure, and the former appearance of your natural teeth in order to create dentures that are equally functional as they are beautiful.

Because they look more like your natural teeth, you can smile confidently and comfortably.

Types of Cosmetic Dentures

Davis Gribble Hollowwa Dental can create two types of cosmetic dentures:

  • Full dentures that will replace all natural teeth
  • Partial dentures that can replace small sections of missing teeth

Davis Gribble Hollowwa Dental is truly one of a kind. We are the only family dentist office in Albuquerque with an onsite laboratory where we custom make your cosmetic dentures.

Schedule Your Appointment for Cosmetic Dentures

If you are interested in cosmetic dentures or have questions about our denture process, Davis Gribble Hollowwa Dental can help you determine if they are the right choice for you. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.