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Dentistry Tools Demystified: A Quick Guide to Everything in Your Dentist’s Office

May 4, 2017

You’ve finally gotten up the nerve to sit in the big chair, and for no clear reason, you’re terrified. We don’t blame you for being scared of dentists. Chances are you have no idea what any of the devices we use are called or what they’re for. Having dental treatment done is less intimidating when you know what’s what during the process. Let’s take a quick tour of a typical dental treatment room.

The Chair

The purpose of a dental chair is to keep your body comfortable while we try to make the dental treatment as painless as possible. It’s easy to adjust, so always tell us if you’re not quite comfortable. The right side of the chair has three pieces: a syringe for dispensing air and water, and two dental handpieces at two different speeds for surgical procedures.

The Overhead Light

These have come a long way over the years. At Davis Gribble Hollowwa, we use LED lights because they are not as harsh as the Nuva Lights of yore.

Hand Mirror

Contrary to the overhead light, the hand mirror has remained pretty standard for quite some time. It allows us to magnify what we’re able to see inside your mouth.

Anesthetic Syringe

This is the device we use to numb the area we’re treating, if necessary. We typically use lidocaine or a combination of other local anesthetics. Don’t hesitate to ask us what we’re using beforehand!

Panoramic X-Ray

You’re probably familiar with the 2-D “bite down” photos that dentists take inside your mouth. Those are created using an x-ray computer that allows us to see any cysts, abscesses, tumors, or other issues. It also enables us to track changes in your bone structure.

Foot Control Rheostat

We definitely want to keep our hands as free as possible while we’re working, so we use a foot pedal for a few controls.


Lasers are used primarily as “cutting” instruments. They can also vaporize tissues, or be used to direct heat to the jaw area for patients with TMJ discomfort.

When you visit our offices at Davis Gribble Hollowwa, we’re never too busy to give you a tour and answer your questions before we get to work. Make an appointment today!

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