In-House Dental Lab & Equipment

For patients who need cosmetic dental work, the wait between having a temporary piece and getting the permanent placed can be a long wait. Usually, when a dental office gets an order for a dental crown or bridge, the impression taken from a patient needs to be sent to a laboratory off-site. When you account for the time the mold takes to be shipped and the final product to be sent, you could be waiting for weeks.

What is Made in our In-House Lab

At our Albuquerque dental office, we have an in-house laboratory that is capable of taking the impression and making the final piece all in one place. There is no need to ship off the mold to an out-of-state laboratory for creation or adjustment. Our in-house lab can create:

  • 1TMJ Recusal Appliances
  • 2Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns
  • 3Zirconia Crowns/Zirconia Overlay Crowns
  • 4Emax Crowns
  • 5Bridges
  • 6Implant Crowns

Depending on the scale of the work required, the process can take up to seven days. If needed, our laboratory can rush emergency work faster.

The In-House Dental Lab Process

When you come in to our Albuquerque office for an appointment, we’ll take an impression of the area that needs an appliance or tooth replacement. Then, our technicians will create a crown, bridge or implant that meets your needs. Once they have completed the process, we will bring you in to fit the piece. From there, our lab technician will evaluate your color characterizations and size. When the correct fit is determined, our dentists will remove the temporary and place the final piece. We are always happy to make adjustments, as needed.

Contact us today for speedy fitting and placement for your crown, implant or bridge!