Periodontist & Periodontal Gum Disease Treatment

Gum disease isn’t just an oral health problem—it can lead to other overall health problems, too. Seeing your Albuquerque family dentist at Davis Gribble Hollowwa Dental for regular checkups is essential for preventative periodontal care and early gum disease treatment.

Signs and Symptoms of Gum Disease

You already tend to your periodontal health with daily at-home dental hygiene —twice daily brushing and daily flossing. That means that you can also be the earliest detector of gum disease. You should contact your general dentist for a checkup if you notice:

  • Red, swollen and/or sensitive gums
  • Bleeding gums when you brush and/or floss
  • Any other discoloration of your gum tissue

When you come in for concerns about your periodontal health, we will perform a thorough exam, probing the gum pockets in several places around each tooth to assess the presence and severity of gum disease.


Periodontal Disease Treatment Options

The severity of your gum disease will determine what treatment options are best. Early gum disease (gingivitis) is curable. A deep teeth cleaning and diligent at-home care can restore the health of your gums. Moderate gum disease, however, will likely require periodontal disease treatment in our office. Severe gum disease or gum disease that does not respond to our treatment may require seeing a periodontist.

Make Periodontal Care a Priority

Ignoring early signs of gum disease allows the disease to progress, and severe gum disease can lead to bone and tooth loss. If you show any signs of gum disease or have other risk factors for gum disease, contact our office to schedule an appointment. Early detection and treatment are essential to maintaining oral health and avoiding more pain and costly treatments.

Periodontal Disease Treatment

When You Need Periodontal Disease Treatment

Early signs of gum disease include red, swollen and/or bleeding gums. If detected early, you may be able to reverse early gum disease (gingivitis) with a deep teeth cleaning and proper at-home care. However, if gum disease progresses, deepening the pockets between your gums and your teeth (to 4 mm or deeper), you will need more intense periodontal disease treatment from your family dentist. The only way to assess what periodontal disease treatment is necessary is through a regular checkup.

Well-Rounded Periodontal Disease Treatment

At Davis Gribble Hollowwa Dental, our goal is to help you manage periodontal disease to maintain your oral and overall health. We do this by developing a comprehensive treatment plan, which includes:

Non-Surgical Periodontal Disease Treatment

Our dental hygienists will perform scaling and root planning (using local anesthesia) to completely remove all diseased tissue.

At-Home Care

You can help manage your periodontal disease by removing bacteria through your daily brushing and flossing. You can also approach your at-home periodontal disease treatment by making sure you get the nutrients you need to fight off infection. Your family dentist can give you recommendations for a balanced diet and nutritional supplements as well as give you tips for improved dental hygiene.

If your periodontal disease does not respond to treatment, we may refer you to a periodontist for more advanced treatment. It is very important that you follow our recommendations for periodontal care to lower your risk of bone and tooth loss.

Contact Your Albuquerque General Dentist

Davis Gribble Hollowwa Dental is a modern Albuquerque general dentistry practice that provides high quality dental medicine. We offer non-surgical periodontal disease treatment to help you manage your periodontal health and lower your risk for tooth loss and other health risks associated with gum disease. Contact us to schedule an appointment today. New patients are always welcome!