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False teeth, also known as dentures, maintain the appearance and functionality of your teeth after they are no longer there. If you are interested in artificial teeth, there are a few things you should consider and discuss with your dentist.

At Davis Gribble Hollowwa Dental, we provide a full range of denture services, including repair, adjustment, and custom creation, so you can continue to smile with confidence at any age.

  • There are two types of dentures.
    Dentures are not exclusively for individuals who have lost all of their teeth. Partial dentures can be used for individual tooth replacement, while complete dentures can be used to replace all of your teeth. Our dentists can help you determine which type of dentures are right for you.
  • Dentures can be ceramic or plastic.
    Ceramic porcelain dentures are more detailed, but also more fragile. At Davis Gribble Hollowwa, we have an onsite laboratory where we can create both types of dentures. All dentures are custom made and fitted for your comfort.
  • Artificial teeth require special care.
    Just like real teeth, dentures can become stained by food and drink. It is recommended that dentures be cleaned at least twice a day by brushing and soaking.
  • You still need to brush your gums.
    Gums can become irritated and inflamed by dentures if they are not properly taken care of. Make sure to lightly brush your gums every day to restore circulation and remove plaque.

If you are interested in getting dentures, contact the friendly dentists at Davis Gribble Hollowwa Dental Today. We can discuss your options and find the best denture solution for your unique situation.