Missing teeth can create oral and overall health problems. When you can’t bite and chew foods properly, your nutrition may suffer. And when gaps exist, other teeth may drift into the space, leading to misalignment that can create bite problems and affect the appearance of your smile. At Davis Gribble Hollowwa Dental, we offer a number of options for tooth replacement, including partial dentures.

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are a retainer-like appliance with artificial teeth positioned to fill gaps. Partial dentures are also known as removable prosthetics because they can be taken out for daily cleaning.

An Affordable Alternative to Implants

For patients who are only missing one or two teeth, implants are often the most highly recommended treatment option because they are eventually integrated into the jaw bone like natural teeth. Implants are excellent for restorative and cosmetic dentistry because our in-house lab can craft implants to match your natural teeth.

However, for patients who are missing multiple teeth or for whom implants may be cost-prohibitive, our dentists are happy to fit partial dentures.

Contact Us for Restorative Cosmetic Dentistry

The family-friendly general dentists at Davis Gribble Hollowwa Dental are also skilled in cosmetic dentistry. We help you determine if partial dentures or implants will best meet your needs and restore a natural-looking, attractive smile. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced dentists today. We are always accepting new patients.